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Arthur Webley
Arthur Webley
Allegiance: Sanford
Gender: Male
Died: May 2007
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: Hot Fuzz
Portrayed by: David Bradley

"Naw, just a load of junk!"
―Arthur, regarding the sea mine in his shed.

Arthur Webley was a farmer in Sandford. Nicholas Angel, Danny Butterman, Bob Walker, and Saxon are called to his house when James Reaper complains that he has been cutting hedges that don't belong to him. The police officers arrive and, using PC Walker as a translator for Webley and Danny as a translator for Walker, settle the situation. Nicholas then asks if Webley has a license for the shotgun he is holding, to which Webley replies "I do for this one."

Nicholas wonders what he means by "this one" and is led by Webley to his shed. After flicking on the lights, it is revealed that hundreds of guns reside here, as well as a "deactivated" sea mine. Webley strikes the mine with his gun in order to prove that it's deactivated, however, the bomb starts to tick and the men clear out and take cover. The mine does not explode and all of Webley's guns are confiscated and put in the evidence room.

Arthur is later killed by the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance for this indescretion, and his body his found underneath Callahoun Park.


  • Like the majority of the Sandford residents, Webley's surname has a bit of a violent or weapon-based naming scheme. In his case, he is surnamed after the Webley break-action revolver.
  • In the Trivia Track bonus feature of The World's End, it says that David Bradley played the Police Canine Officer, Arthur Webley in Hot Fuzz. David Bradley did play Arthur Webley, however the Police Canine Officer in Hot Fuzz was Bob Walker played by Karl Johnson.