Gary King
Gary King
Gary King
Occupation: Unemployed
Gender: Male
Family: Unnamed Mother
Born: 7 June 1973
Status: Alive
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Simon Pegg

Gary King is one of the main protagonists in The World's End. He is portrayed by Simon Pegg.


Gary was born on the 7th of Juney 1973 and attended high school from 1984 to 1990, while at school he became friends with Andrew Knightley ,Steven Prince , Oliver Chamberlain and Peter Page. After he finished at school on June 22 1990 he organized an attempt at the "Golden Mile" pub crawl in Newton Haven, however after getting banned from the third pub and leaving behind Oliver and Peter they decided to give up. After this the group remained in contact with each other until December 1997 when after passing out and injuring himself getting drunk and high the also drunken Andrew attempted to drive him to a hospital only to roll the car and almost sever his femoral artery. Although Gary fled from the crash Andrew was left to be arrested after 12 hours of life saving surgery.

The Pub Crawl

After the accident Gary didn't see Andy or the others again until he was convinced to organize a reattempt of the "Golden Mile" during a rehabilitation session in October 2013, however although the others accepted to join him Andy refused to attempt it again leading Gary to lie about his mum death from cancer to trick him into joining out of sympathy an repay him £600 he had been owing him. After convincing them Gary arrived late to pick them up from the train station and half way there stopped so he could go the toilet only to get distracted and end up playing Need for Speed in an arcade. Just as they entered Newton Haven Gary was pulled over by a police officer due to a faulty brake light, when asked for his license he claims he left it in his gym bag at his flat and when asked for his name and address he gives Peter's instead, much to the annoyance of Peter who is told by Gary that he used his name because he registered the car under Peter's name when he bought it from him. Upon arriving at their B&B, Gary immediately sets of on the crawl and arrives at The First Post, where he is confused at the fact that the bartender doesn't recognize them and is shocked to learn that Andy has been sober since their car wreck in 1997. After their first pints Oliver receives a call from his sister Sam, who is at the next pub with her friends the twins, upon hearing this Gary immediately heads for The Old Familiar where he finds and attempts to have sex with Sam due to Gary believing she gave him the signal by saying she was going to the bathroom. they then proceed on to The Famous Cock only to be kicked out after being told they were barred during their first crawl in 1990, although told they should give up Gary manages to continue by drinking several left over beers on a outside table.