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Mary Porter
Mary Porter

Mary Porter is Roy Porter's wife and together they run the local pub in Sandford, "The Crown". They are first met when Nicholas Angel first arrives in Sandford and goes to their pub for something to do. They express their dislike of the newspaper, the Sandford Citizen, because they listed Mary's age as 55 when she's actually 53. Nicholas then empties their pub of all underage drinkers, beginning their dislike of him. Later, it is revealed that the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance is a group of murderers and Danny Butterman "kills" Nicholas. When Nicholas re-enters the town, after arming himself, he enters the town square and a shootout begins. After clearing out the town square, Danny and Nicholas head enter the pub. A shootout erupts inside the pub between Danny and Nicholas and Roy and Mary. it ends when Nicholas shoots a bear trap, causing it to fall and clamp onto Roy's head. Mary yells for the police and they arrive instantly. However, they quickly join Nicholas' side. After the police clear out, Roy and Mary were likely arrested by PC Bob Walker, the only officer left at the scene.

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