Steven and Oliver
Oliver (right) with Steven.
Oliver Chamberlain
Occupation: Estate Agent
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): O-Man
Born: c. 1971/72
Died: 2013
Status: Deceased
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Martin Freeman

Oliver "O-Man" Chamberlain is one of the main characters featured in The World's End. He is portrayed by Martin Freeman.


Not much is known of Oliver's background. He was childhood friends with Gary King and Andy Knight, as well as Steven and Peter. His sister Sam happened to bump into Gary in the original crawl.

When Gary invites him to join the pub crawl he is clearly uninterested and doesn’t want to go. But he ends up going anyway as he is tricked into believing Andy will be there.

Later when they are having coffe it is reaveled that Gary borrowed $200 to pay Andy. Oliver was clearly hurt by this.

Halfway through the crawl Oliver goes to the toilet and is turned into a blank offscreen. When he comes out he seems completely normal and has his birthmark back.

Later when He and the group are at the beehive Oliver tilts his head far enough for Andy to see his birthmark and smash half of his head with a stool.