Occupation: Manager of a department in a store
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Born: 14 August 1969
Died: 23 March 2004
Status: Dead
Appeared in: Shaun of the Dead
Portrayed by: Peter Serafinowicz
― Shaun sees Pete as a zombie in the bar

Pete is the short-tempered flatmate of Shaun and Ed in the film Shaun of the Dead. He met the pair at university, once selling marijuana to Shaun. He has a very low tolerance for Ed, and continually attempts to persuade Shaun to evict him. When turned into a zombie, he infects Ed after following him to The Winchester and is eventually killed by Shaun with the Winchester rifle.

Physical Appearances

Pete was Shaun and Ed's short-tempered flatmate, as he had pale skin, black hair and green blue eyes.


  • Pete is seen answering his cellphone and talking to Dom. This is a reference to actor Peter Serafinowicz character Duane Benzie on the television sitcom Spaced, which was also directed by Edgar Wright.
Zombie pete 1

Zombie Pete