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Robin Hatcher
Robin Hatcher

"Shut it, Danny! I brought you into this world, I think it's only fitting I take you out."
―Robin Hatcher, during the Sandford Shootout

Doctor Robin Hatcher is Sandford's resident doctor. He is first met at the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance meeting.

Later, when the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance is revealed to be a murderous cult and Nicholas Angel is "killed" by Danny Butterman, Nicholas returns to Sandford and a shootout erupts in the town square. After all the offenders have been dispatched, Doctor Hatcher catches Nicholas and Danny off-guard, while Danny is helping the recently-shot Nicholas up. He demands that Danny put his gun down, which Danny does, by throwing it towards Hatcher. When the gun lands, it discharges, blowing off some of Hatcher's toes. Nicholas and Danny then continue on with their mission and Hatcher was arrested.

"You're a doctor, deal with it"
"Yeah, motherfucker!
―Nicholas and Danny, regarding Hatcher's wound