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Sheree Fowler
Sheree Fowler

Sheree Fowler is the wife of Greg Fowler and a citizen of Sandford. Throughout the film, it is pointed out that Sheree played a cadavre on a crime show, while her husband also played a role in a film.

Later, when the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance is revealed to be a murderous cult and Nicholas Angel is "killed" by Danny Butterman, Nicholas returns to Sandford and a shootout erupts in the town square. When Nicholas first arrives, Greg and Sheree are talking to Reverend Philip Shooter, but when the shooting begins, both Greg and Sheree take cover behind a building's pillars. Greg is shot, in the shoulder, by Danny and falls down. Nicholas then runs halfway towards them and shoots Sheree in the shoulder. Both are arrested later.


  • The film credits Sheree as "Sheree Prosser", but in the Police Station, her surname is Fowler.
  • During the shootout she wields a silver revolver with a mother-of-pearl handle while Greg uses a blued revolver