"Sam, he's not good enough for you. We have been through some crazy shit tonight, I... it's really put things in perspective for me. And if everything is as fucked up as it seems, then there's something I need to tell you... and you might think this is because I've had several pints, but it's not. It's not. I'm in love with you Sam. I always have been. And it breaks my heart to see you waste your affections on Gary fucking King. And while I'm being honest, just to lay it all out there, I am currently seeing a fitness instructor. She's 26 years old, but I would drop her in a heartbeat, if it meant that I'd have one last chance with you."
―Steven confessing his feelings to Sam
Steven and Oliver
Steven (left) with Oliver.
Occupation: Construction Foreman
Gender: Male
Family: (Unnamed) - Former Girlfriend
Sam Chamberlain - Girlfriend
Born: c. 1973
Status: Alive
Appeared in: The World's End
Portrayed by: Paddy Considine

Steven Prince is one of the main characters featured in The World's End. He is portrayed by Paddy Considine.


Not much is known of Steven's background. He was childhood friends with Gary King and Andy Knight, as well as Oliver and Peter. Together, they attended school in Newton Haven

He and Gary performed in a band together until Gary sold Steven's bass for drugs. In 1987, while playing cricket with Gary, the latter accidentally pushed him onto a broken bottle, resulting in a scar on his buttocks. He also developed a crush on Sam, but never got the chance to pursue his feelings. He participated in attempting to complete The Golden Mile after high school with his friends. He lasted long enough to see dawn break along with Gary and Andy, though they never managed to complete the pub crawl.

After high school, Steven became a construction foreman. At some point, he started dating a 26 year old fitness instructor.